Connections are everywhere, vibrating and pulsating, between us and within us – at the very heart of what it means to be human rests the possibility for embodied connection.
This website introduces the work of psychotherapist, international trainer and writer Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar and his theoretical and clinical activities. You will find here possibilities to explore his work by reading, listening or watching. If you are interested in experiencing more, you can also find information about psychotherapy, supervision, training and workshops opportunities. 

16-18 March 2018
The Flame - Exploring sexuality: within us,between us, beyond us.
July 2017- January 2019

Touching The Relational Edge:
 On-going training in Relational Body Psychotherapy,



New Books

Psychotherapy & Supervision
Psychotherapy & Supervision
I offer individual psychotherapy for adults and young adults, and supervision to psychotherapists and trainee therapists.

Books and publications
Books and publications

Integrative Mindbody Therapy Traning
Integrative Mindbody Therapy Traning
Integrative Mindbody Therapy (IMT) is my baby. I have created IMT as an integration and amalgamation of different approaches and disciplines to therapy and human development.

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