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My name is Asaf. I am a father to two daughters – Zohar and Shuy Grace. I am vegan, and love nature (mainly animals), music and dancing. I love to play and am committed to my heart and to the people that I love. I am a psychotherapist, trainer and writer. 

Following a few integrative psychotherapy trainings (including body psychotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy), I have created Integrative Mindbody Therapy (IMT) in 1997 and have since practiced, written about and taught IMT. IMT is a developing form of relational body psychotherapy, bringing together relational psychoanalytic principles with the unmediated contact of body psychotherapy and intense work with trance and various forms of consciousness. You can read more about IMT here

My academic training includes a BA and PhD in the application of hypnosis within psychotherapy. My doctoral dissertation Surrender to Flow touched on the juxtaposition processes of surrender in relational psychoanalysis, body psychotherapy and trancework. I am interested in the magic that takes place through meetings of bodies, minds and communities and am eager to explore these.

As a psychotherapist, I am a true believer in the transformative power of embodied connection and am willing to explore with you, get lost and together find new meanings and possibilities, while celebrating the edges of our human potential alongside grieving our limitations and pains. I work with individual adults and young adults. Having gained substantial experience in working with trauma, dissociation, psychosexual issues, eating disorders and relationship issues, I am also interested to explore gender and sexual identity issues and am mindful of cultural, power and class influences. It is always a pleasure to work therapeutically with people who wish to explore their relationships with their body, with others, or with their spiritual horizons. You can learn more about the psychotherapy and supervision that I offer here.

I have founded and am the training director of the Relational Body Psychotherapy Programme  in London (Touching the relational edge). Additionally, I teach and lecture in clinical and academic centres around the world. You can find more about my training and workshop events in the Events and in the IMT training sections
As a writer, I have published many papers on psychotherapy, body, hypnosis and related subjects and several book chapters. My first book, Anatomy of Therapy was published in Hebrew in 2013. An expanded and updated version of this book Touching the Relational Edge, was published in 2014 by Karnac.

Until 2018 Editor-in-Chief, International Body Psychotherapy Journal

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