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          IMT Skills (Minimum 1000 words)

          Integrative-Mindbody-Therapy has a wide skill base, drawing from a variety of theoretical stances.   

          This essay asks the student to engage with one or more of the skills observed and acquired during the training. 

          The manner of engagement with the subject is flexible. You can theoretically describe the particular skill or skills, bring examples of your own personal development or your work as a therapist, or even present a hypothetical situation. 

          You are nevertheless asked to make it relevant to your own process of learning – how is this skill particularly important for you. The experiential element in writing this paper needs to reflect a genuine curiosity. Whether you make this essay academic or a poem, a case-study or a work of fiction, make sure you are there, connecting with the material.

          Please email the essay in a word format, with Arial font, size 12 and 1.5 lines spacing. Sources should be references in APA style 

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