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          Practical-clinical account (Minimum 3000 words)

          This essay concerns the assimilation and appraisal of your experience in IMT training, and should therefore be written after completing (or approaching completion of) the training.

          You are expected here to reflect on the training – what has it given to you? You should allow space to consider professional and personal contributions. You can use this essay to look at different thematic workshops or to observe how the training, as a whole, has touched you. This is an opportunity for you to celebrate your journey of learning, treasure it in writing and share it. 

          Once more, you can write in an academic style, or a personal one, as long as it supports you in honouring the landscape you have travelled. Please share how you believe you are different as a clinician (and as a person), and what you haven’t taken from the training. I welcome suggestions for change, criticisms and future ideas.

          Please email the essay in a word format, with Arial font, size 12 and 1.5 lines spacing. Sources should be references in APA style 

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