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          Assessment of own practice (Minimum 1500 words)

          During the IMT training you had a chance of looking at, and practicing a wide range of skills. Some probably came natural to you, others required more calibration and fine-tuning. 

          This essay asks you to reflectively assess your strengths and the areas requiring cultivation as a therapist. What have you discovered to be your gifts as a clinician? Where do you struggle still? You can also propose ways of supporting you in using your strengths to further your development, and your practice, and ways to support the development in areas where you are struggling. 

          Whether you make this essay academic or a poem, a case-study or a work of fiction, make sure you are there, connecting with the material.

          Please email the essay in a word format, with Arial font, size 12 and 1.5 lines spacing. Sources should be references in APA style 

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