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          How can I make IMT mine? (Minimum 2000 words)

          Integrative-Mindbody-Therapy greatly emphasises the responsibility for the integrity of the therapist, as much as of the client. Therefore, you are not expected to become a clone therapist, but instead to develop your own, unique voice in conducting therapeutic dialogues through IMT. 

          Moreover, each of you has already accumulated vast knowledge in fields of communication and being with another, and possible trainings from other fields, be it psychotherapy, alternative and complementary medicine, teaching or even unrelated professions. Each piece of knowledge has contributed to your making, and to your individual way of thinking, being and doing.

          This essay gives you this very opportunity to map your expertise and consider how you would like to make IMT yours. What kind of a therapist are you envisaging yourself to be (or already are). And more, as a clinician – how are you making the theoretical models and clinical practice of IMT yours? What is it in you that allow you to make it uniquely yours. How are your different to other IMT clinicians?

          The essay can take any format that can present your own assimilation of IMT into your clinician and your person. It can be formal and academic, or a work of art. I am looking to see a real reflective engagement with your own processes,

          Please email the essay in a word format, with Arial font, size 12 and 1.5 lines spacing. Sources should be references in APA style 

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