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          Book Review Guidelines (Minimum 500 words)

          You can choose a topic that has been touched on during the training, a book that you are curious about (It may even be a work of fiction, a play or poetry if you find it relevant). Alternatively, you can use some of the references in the training events or consult me for a recommendation. 

          When writing a book report you are asked to critically discuss what you find helpful, interesting, difficult, engaging with the book you have chosen. You are asked to find your own words, your own ideas and criticisms that would help you make it your own – or find your voice in contrast to this book. 

          However you write this essay, make sure you are there, connecting with the material. We are in the business of engagement.

          Please email the essay in a word format, with Arial font, size 12 and 1.5 lines spacing. Sources should be references in APA style 

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